DecuT 3 Layered Romantic Handmade Explosion Box for Birthday Love Explosion Box Gift for Birthday Explosion Box Kit(Customize)

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  • Brand DecuT is registered brand, they hold all the rights for design and making this explosion box
  • Inside this box, you will find slots to place your own selection of photos in, when your loved-one open it, he/she will unfold one photo after another until the gifts appear
  • It is ideal as a birthday/surprise gift for a loved one as you can customize it with your own photos and messages, making it a very meaningful handmade gift
  • Photo dimensions(lxh):3.5×3.5″ 17 picture and 3×3″ 6 picture center piece album
  • DecuT explosion box comes in wooden box, this is DIY kit so you need to add the picture at your own, you will get the product exactly as shown in picture with quotes and messages
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